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We’re all looking for something intangible:

a beacon that will bring us back, again and again, to ourselves.


As we write our own stories,(the neighbourhood)we follow a labyrinth of twisted roads that lead us from one place to the next.(transportation & connections)Never knowing where these roads will take us or with our paths will intersect.


But home isn’t just a place:(map of the area) it’s an anchor. An easy, warm comfort(interiors) that allows us to recharge and to grow. It’s a refuge from the world where you can begin to write your next chapter,(register now) no matter what it may hold.

Condominiums at Rouge National Urban Park. Starting from the $300’s.

The story starts here.

Arriving home is not something that you do, but something you feel.

Feel right at home.

We never stop writing our stories. Discovering anew, venturing out of our comfort zone, so that we can continue to grow.

Always keep exploring.

Discover the perfect backdrop to write your next chapter.

Your story starts here.

Adam Taverna, CEO of Crown Communities

“This development offers the best of both worlds: the rich tapestry of nature in every direction, and the city still within reach. The Rouge area is abundant with diversity and was the ideal place to bring our vision for this project to life.”

Construction Now Underway

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